08 November 2009

Beads Overload

Been a bit busy making some jewelry for the holidays. Got lots of different types of glass beads which I hope to turn into beautiful pieces.

My friend and I set up another blog where all stuff we sell goes but still working on it.

16 August 2009

I Miss Crafting

Here's a striped bag I made a year or two ago which I just kept in my locker. It's a simple single stitch crochet which obviously was more time-consuming than other methods. I love how all the colors combine but never got to use it and just had it piled along with my other unfinished projects. My sister is giving it to a friend and that makes me glad because it'll finally be put to use. I have been so busy with other things but really miss crafting.

07 March 2009

Little Crochet Dress

It's fun making tiny dresses such as this one. I used local "Monaco" mercerized cotton thread. Glad I found a tiny dress mannequin to put it on. Now it seems as if the little dolls are having fun window shopping....

24 February 2009

Bags 'n Shoes

It's a lot easier to crochet tiny things. Here are some of the bags I crocheted for Barbie. Shoes in the photos are from Mattel.

17 February 2009

Barbie in crochet

Barbie in crochet
Originally uploaded by peenkfrik
This is one of my Barbies. She's not my favorite but I like her because she's got a belly button unlike the older dolls I have. It's also easier to make her dresses because her figure is more realistic. I'm hoping to upload images of the doll clothes I made. I just love making tiny dresses, caps and even bags.