08 February 2016

Simple Crochet Lace Pattern

I went through my archives and found some projects from several years ago. My friend and I worked on a floral top. She did the sewing and I created the crochet trimming along the neckline. I thought it would be nice to share the pattern since it is a very simple trimming or lace that can be used for other craft projects such as lined hand towels or even bookmarks.

  1. Mercerized cotton thread size 8 in color of choice
  2. Steel crochet hook size 9


In my illustration, I have written a half-double crochet but I have used a double crochet instead for a bigger hole in between posts.

07 February 2016

Commisioned Artwork: Simple Hand lettered Invitation for 18th Birthday Party

I have recently created this commisioned artwork for a debutante. Decided to use a blush pink background to suite the party's color motif and since the soft color seems quite suitable for her being a shy young woman. I have used watercolor for the original hand lettering and decided to digitize it. Additional processing was completed in Photoshop. The final result had this rustic and pastel feel and we were quite happy with it.