14 December 2015

Holiday Gifts

This holiday season is the busiest just because we take time to make and prepare gifts for our loved ones. Yet, I would like to squeeze my blog time just to share some last minute Christmas gift ideas. Here are a few things I have prepared.

Framed Hand-lettered Quotes
For couples, a framed decor would be lovely so I decided to hand-letter a few quotes. I used a small round brush with the watercolors on thick white mix-media paper. The frame is in pale wood which is easy to complement white home interiors or even rustic ones.

Crochet Baby Bonnet
There is nothing easier to give to a new-born baby than cute crochet items so I decided to make this ivory bonnet for a friend's child. The thread is unbleached pure cotton which is the reason for the natural ivory color. Babies are innocent so it is safe to choose white or ivory if you are not a fan of blues or pinks.

Crochet Kid's Purse
For the little girls, a tiny purse would be a good idea since they love to have their own bags just like their mommas. I created this round crochet purse with an optional sling and decorated it with crochet flowers on both sides. Then I sewed on a zipper just to keep the little girls' stuff from falling off the bag.

I hope these ideas are useful for you. Have a great holiday season everyone!

03 December 2015

Yarn label revamp

My yarn life still exists for sure. I actually have a ton in my stash. I gifted some of them to a friend but decided to innovate. The labels on the cotton yarns were too "industrial" so I decided to make some out of scrap brown paper and hand lettered some words. No, I am not changing the yarn brands but just putting some personality into it. But who knows someday we will find my own yarn brand on the store shelves. That is one of those beautiful dreams.

01 December 2015

Hand Lettered Christmas Cards

Finally, December breeze is here. That also means that the spirit of giving is in the air. But everyday must be about giving and kindness. I managed to make some cards and postcards for my loved ones and sent them through post. In this time where most things are reduced to pixels, I would like to be one of the few people who still prefers to write and draw with the pen and stick stamps on my love letters.

With these cards, I used Japanese brush pens from Akashiya and my trusted Sakura field sketch watercolor set. Tiny details are made using some fineliner pens and sticker sets I have bought from China some time ago.