30 January 2011

Scarf Progress and more about Japanese Yarns

I bought two Japanese yarns in Chinatown last weekend. One for the scarf I'm working on and another for a bag project which I have not started. The second skein should be enough to finish the project. Rainy days are forcing me to stay home on weekends and finish it up. The scarf is taking shape now so that should be a good thing.

Japanese yarns aren't really cheap. This one yarn is a "Darumaings" brand but there is only very little information about it in the internet. It also says "not dyed" so that gets me thinking it's a natural yarn though I can only guess it is made of cotton. The yarn I've used for the scarf is a "Sea Queen" brand and it's surely made of cotton but not sure what kind of blend since the package has a 70% and 30% rating. Sadly I cannot read Japanese. My best guess is 30% acrylic.

Over the last week, I realized how little information I know about yarns. I only learned last week the differences are between merino and the cashmere yarns. I have not bought any of these but I plan to. I should think of a good project to make because the yarn isn't cheap and I don't want it to be just another one of my unused stash.

I'm an addict for craft blogs and nice photography. I have starred so many blogs under my favorites but just need time to organize and put them into a neat blog list. Aside from the scarf, I have this drawing that I vowed to finish no matter how much time it will take me.

15 January 2011

First Knit Out

This afternoon, I joined my first knit out here in Singapore and had a great time. Though my mouth was zipped almost the whole time, I enjoyed listening to the crafters' stories. I decided to start on a new project which is from a not entirely new idea or pattern - a scarf. I was working on a scarf as mentioned in my previous post but it didn't turn out well because my yarn was too thick for my needle. This time, I think I got it right and I'm inspired to finish this project and track it in Raverly.

So, today is day 1 and below is a birthday photo. It looks more like a Starbucks ad but I will upload another photo after I have more progress. The yarn I'm using is that Japanese cotton yarn from Chinatown which I talked about during my first Singapore yarn hunt. I'm not sure if there will be a second because this island seems too small. 

On another note, I miss selling my craft. A year ago, my friend and I displayed some jewelries at the local fair for the Sinulog event in Cebu. It was fun. The fact that there were so many booths selling jewelries too, the experience was more significant than the money I earned. I wished I could be there today with her at her booth.

Selling jewelries at my friend's Sinulog 2010 booth

I hit the publish button past midnight so "Today" in this post is January 15, 2011.