19 December 2007

crochet book

I've got myself a Holiday present. I've always wanted a real crochet book and finally got one from a local bookstore. Here's a photo of my book and a link to Amazon:

The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 Classic & Original Patterns

It's not really good for beginners but it's good for designers who want to experiment on patterns.

I've been working on several projects and I hope to post some pictures here. Happy Holidays crocheters and crafters out there! 8-)


lcdazo said...

I have one of the same author. it's 300 blocks for crochet projects :D

Yes. this book if not for beginners. But i like the presentation. Focused on stitch details not on colors or yarn choice. U could experiment on what project u will do :D

I wish i have the same one u have :D

khalasan said...

I would love to get that other book too but been busy with other stuff for now.

I got this one from our local National Bookstore.

lcdazo said...

:D hehe yours is more expensive. that's why i chose the one i have. :D

khalasan said...

Really. :D I didn't even know that. I actually got this one for a discounted price. There probably not too many people buying craft books or maybe I was just lucky. :)