22 October 2011


I like the shape of pumpkins that's why I purposely included them in this Halloween-themed pictorial for Barbie and her friend. All clay art are made by me. Glass bottles have been bought from a local store.

The night was young and Barbie had enough time to choose the best potion and pumpkin for her new craft. The pumpkins were all pretty as they were just harvested from her yard.

She wasn't alone that night. An apprentice stood by her side eagerly watching and learning every move.

At one point, she took her metal fish charm and stroked it for luck. Barbie poured some of the clear blue liquid on her pumpkin, held it high and cast a spell.

"This should be a nice fragrant make-up to add to my collection," Barbie said before she wrapped up the night. The witch smiled and looked forward to a beautiful tomorrow.

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Keeh Jhay said...

ready for halloween?