21 August 2012


My craft life felt like a lonesome yarn in those 8 months since my last post and this is the first for this year. I realized I couldn't be everywhere so from this day forward, both my craft and art stuff will go into this blog. There is not much to say about art anyway. The image usually talks by itself.

Wish me luck. This blog needs serious rework. But for now, I just need to blog more. I know there is a lot to talk about. You'd be surprised.

On another note, my friend and I have been busy on another craft blog, The Craft Bar. I know this is another piece of me scattered somewhere. But this other blog has been born out of a dream. It is young and it still has a long way to go before it gets a place in cyberspace. Do drop by and give us a hug: http://thecraftbar.blogspot.com.

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