23 August 2015

The case of the crochet throw pillow case

Just before I was about to finish my crochet throw pillow case, I thought I have bumped into a design flaw. I have not researched enough about weaving edges of the pillowcase. Most of the suggestions are buttons or zipper but I decided to just make a long chain and weave the edge so it would not be very visible. I am happy with the result and the throw pillow with the crochet case is happily sitting in our home.

The project was completed with just six different colors of a 40-gram acrylic yarn and a D/3 aluminum crochet hook. I cannot quite figure out the yarn weight but on the label it was recommended to use a 3.5 mm hook so I am quite close. A common granny square pattern was used and repeated across the entire area enough to cover the throw pillow. In this case, it was about 48 cm x 48 cm. I am getting a little technical but it is always better to have a record of the project just in case I want to make another one like it.

Projects like these does consume time and it can be a little challenging to the attention span because the pattern is repetitive. It is good to have other projects in parallel to switch to just in case you need some variation. Speaking of parallel projects, there was one blue bag I had also finished but will be blogging about later.

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