15 November 2015

Cheap Watercolor for Painting and Hand Lettering

Apparently, in the world of art there is such thing as cheap and expensive. But technically they are called student grade and artist grade. I've spent a few days justifying that this very affordable 36-color watercolor cake set can make good art.

Like most artists do, I did a sampling of this watercolor cake. The packaging says "Flamingo" and is made in China.  It seems to me that the paints are WYSIWYG. The colors show on the paper as they do on the palettes and are very chalky probably due to having more filler than that of higher quality paints.

Handlettering and Painting
I did some hand lettering practice with the brush. Erasing the pencil lines needed much care since the dried watercolors smudged so easily. I've digitized the artwork and created a postcard out of my older travel photos from 2012. I couldn't pick a better photo than that of the tropical beach. Then I tried reproducing one of my instagram photos of the Burj Khalifa. This watercolor cake seemed to fail at blending and layering. The colors did not mix very well on the paper.

Nonetheless this watercolor set is good enough for art journaling and practice. Even simple for simple illustrations I would still use it especially if the original artwork will be digitized so there is no worry about lightfastness. At less than PHP200 or USD5 you can't go wrong with it.

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Kathy said...

I am obsessed!! I have recently been so into watercolour typography and I just so happened to stumble across your blog. I too use the 'student grade' materials and equipment simply because I am a beginner and if I were using professional equipment I wouldn't know the difference anyways. Just wondering where you bought the watercolour palette from, not sure if I just missed it in you post but I would really like the same one! I have been meaning to do a typography/hand lettering post soon too Kathy xx

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