30 July 2016

Dear Diary

I've seriously started an art journal and diary last year which explains my absence from the world wide web. Thank God I am not a famous person so the internet does not break when I am gone. Though at some points in my life I felt that I was. :D

Staring at the digital screen for hours at work has made me want to use my dinosaur-aged laptop less at home. I feel that it takes forever for it to boot and the AC supply has to be forever connected to give it life. Imagining that before I even think about opening my email is dreadful enough. So the watercolor paints and colorful pens come to my rescue. Those thick unused journals I have hoarded also give me enough motivation to use at least one page a day.

I also think that not many people read blogs anymore these days. The attention span has shorten significantly which is unfortunate. I have been imagining a much simplier life where I would go out into my garden and pick flowers then paint them later. Ironically, I had wished for this highly-urbanized life when I was much younger. I think too much artificial light has had me seeking for more sun.

Writing in this blog is a dilemma in itself. Today, I had written in at least four pages in my softcover journals. I still dispise my handwriting but I am convinced it is because I don't like some of the papers at all. On another note, I wanted to start to feel like a real person in my instagram account. It seems I have presented myself as a heartless artist if there is such a thing. But I am really just a simple girl with a complex mind and tons of hobbies.

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