10 October 2010

minibags and Japanese inspiration

Finally finished making a modified pattern for my minibag collection. This pattern was created using a demo version of SymbolCro and some photo editing software.

There is no limit to the design. This pattern is just a guide and is composed of basic crochet stitches. Any thread color combination will do. In my case, mercerized cotton thread was used but any thin thread and small hook will do. Additional embellishments can be added to the bag's body to make it more interesting. The bag handle can be any kind of string - leather, crochet thread or wax cord.

My inpiration for making these patterns are from Japanese books. They are quite good in illustrating and making diagrams. I found another Japanese crochet/knit book just yesterday at only SGD 9. I think it was a great find. Now I just need to figure out which project to work on first. :)

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