17 October 2010

knit and purl

When I first began to knit, it was difficult. I have been crocheting for years and using two straight sticks was a pretty new concept for me. I can say that my knitting method is similar to continental style and I have read that most crocheters prefer this method. There are a gazillion sites and videos online that teach knitting but this particular website called KnittingHelp (http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knit-stitch) has helped me understand the two basic stitches: knit and purl.

My first project was a scarf and successfully I was able to create a ribbed stitch. However, I lost it somewhere in the airport on thanksgiving visit to some friends in NYC back in 2008. I haven't really finished a knit project since but have not stopped collecting books and studying.

I'm hoping to visit some some place in the northern hemisphere for the coming winter and another knitted scarf would be a good project. A garter stitch would be the easiest to do right now. This stitch is basically just either knitting on all rows or purling on all rows. This site pretty much explains it: http://www.learn2knit.co.uk/knitting/basic-stitches.php.

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