25 June 2011

In Studio: Barbie

Barbie isn't the sweetest doll around. Plus Mattel hasn't always had the best reputation in public. I honestly don't know much about the politics revolved around here. Nonetheless, I find her as an affordable subject for my photo shoots.

Barbie has managed to work with two of the miniature crochet bags which I've mentioned briefly in my past post. I don't have an extra outfit for her so have to deal with her default fashion dress.

The studio isn't anything expensive and hi-tech. Magazines and the sun are enough for now. ;)


Keeh Jhay said...

i love the photo... its like BNTM! Barbie's Next Top Model...:D

khalasan said...

Thanks boy! :) I'll post more photos. Need to sew more barbie clothes though :)