05 June 2011

Scarf in Full Bloom

The scarf is finished. All I need is a pin to attach the flower. My emotions tell me its spring but it's actually very humid here and the temperature is around 27 degree Celcius as I'm writing this. This scarf will most probably be sleeping for months.

My stash palette is very neutral at the moment. The Japanese books make the beige and browns very interesting so that's why I'm digging this palette for now. My color taste has changed since then. I used to like pink a lot, hence my cyber nickname peenkfrik. It means pink freak. Ironically, I never had a lot of pink stuff.

I would love to go to the office bathroom with a fancy brown bag so I'm starting off with a round base for my toothbrush bag. I'll figure out the pattern later. I'm thinking stripes and lace. We'll find out.

There's red in my stash but it seems to be out of place. I still haven't thought of what to make out of it. The light bulb above my head tells me it's going to be a flower or a bag.

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Anonymous said...

i happen to read your blog and i would like to let you know your posting give me inspiration