15 April 2015

Granny squares and that Muji notebook

I think I do best by getting personal with my crafts and taking photos of them. I was kind of lost and wasn't sure I wanted to keep the blog title. I'll decide about the blog URL later. Good thing is that I never stopped crafting. So here I am finally really talking about crafts again.

At my mom's home I found my old stash of yarns. Though I could not think of a project for every kind of yarn I found, it made sense to create granny squares from all the leftover acrylic yarns. The shades of blues and neutrals seem to work well together.

Meanwhile, I crocheted several small purses as tokens to some friends. On this special one I decided to create a big one to fit a personalized Muji notebook. The Muji store always intimidated me until my Singaporean friend and I decided to spend my last night in Singapore in the Japanese store. So that night I stamped away. Much later, I decided to add more scribbles. I mean, how could I not?

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