24 February 2013

Gelly Time

It's been a while since I last touched my pens. That didn't sound right but what I meant is that I've spent too much on the Internet that it's been a while since I last doodled. The virtual dosage has exceeded the recommended limit and I know that whenever I feel drowsy in the mornings at work.

Gladly, my brother gave me this planner from Stabucks Philippines. I am not into branded planners but this one's a gift so I have no more excuse to stop writing. Indeed, my handwriting looked like hieroglyphics on the first day I wrote in the diary. The text looked very boring so a sprinkle of scribbles here and there made the entry more interesting.

I actually have so many notebooks from black books to plain white cartridge paper pads. They all have some drawing in it but since there is no date on each page, nothing really pushes me to sketch regularly.

I was also reminded, after cleaning up today, that I still have a lot of gel pens, felt pens and colored pencils stored in my craft boxes. I can see that they are quite bored waiting for me. Guess I'll have to take it one at a time.

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