15 June 2015

A Bride's Diary

When a crafter gets married, a lot of tiny things goes on in the background. Months before my wedding day, I spent weekends and nights making our party favors. Though not everyone knew how the little card was cut, how a font was chosen or who made the illustrations, the bride knows that there was hard work in everything and all that is enough to make her happy.

Happiness Kit

When I was much younger and naive, my Grandpa Ed gave me an anti-depression kit. I didn't quite understand what it meant. Now that I have grown, I do. On our wedding day, my husband (fiancé then) decided that we give away these kits but prefer to call it a "Happiness Kit."

We bought every piece in that kit including the tin cans. Surprisingly, the glass marbles were the hardest to find because I looked for it in the wrong places. I should have looked under novelty toys. Then I picked a few photos during our travels together and printed them on sticker sheets as cover for the tin cans. And of course, we printed out the little note about how these things can give you a dose of happiness.


Every person on our guest list is a friend or family because we wanted to celebrate the day with people we personally know. We created simple digital invites and a website so we can save paper and cost. Deciding who goes on the guest list is challenging especially when you only have a budget of a little over a 100 guests. Nonetheless we were happy to see everyone who made it to our big day. It was heartbreaking at first to know when a guest couldn't make it but getting a last minute yes to our e-vites was just delightful.

My husband and I are both simple people so we printed brown place cards then used twine to make little program booklets. Stamping the little cards was the hardest part, and of course typing each name and making sure no one is missed.

I wish I could put more scribbles in them but we didn't want anything to get too shabby. In it were little hearts where our guests could write us some lovely notes.

A Bit of Crochet

As a string lover, how could I not make something I could wear? Since I could not crochet my delicate lace gown, I decided to crochet the wedding cord. For Catholic weddings, the cord is a symbol of an everlasting union and the infinite loop very much represents that.

There were so many other things I wanted to make but there is also very important lesson to learn. The bride cannot make everything from scratch no matter how much she wanted to.

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