15 July 2015

Mauve and grey crochet motif

Mauve and Grey motif

My mom thinks grey is too drab. She has always preferred bold colors such as black and red. But there is something about grey that I like. Not so long ago I purchased a few relatively expensive blended yarns in a Singapore shop and picked up three colors - mauve, grey and dusty orange. I left the orange out and decided to go for just the purple and grey tones.

After a few nights and days of coffee, tea and design changes, the crochet motif is finally completed. There is a white rustic table in the front porch which I thought deserves a little color. I placed one of the few succulents in the garden but unfortunately most of them have been parched.

I am happy with the colors. It reminds me of autumn, overcast skies or winter days. Whatever it is, gives me that calm and peaceful feeling. Whenever I crochet, the colors play an important part. After all, I have more colors in my room from all the yarn stash and colored pencils which I certainly cannot live without.

Mauve and Grey motif Mauve and Grey motif Mauve and grey motif Mauve and Grey motif

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Genevive said...

Hi Kim! Such a pleasant feeling to see your signature in my blog! Thank you! And I love your blog :) Yay blog mates! :)