26 January 2016

Double Crochet Drawstring Bag

I am not sure how to give titles to these blog posts since I have crocheted too many bags and have never really named them. Nonetheless, I feel it is necessary to post it here in my online diary than just adding it to my Ravelry notebook which is I have actually not updated for some time now.

  • Mercerized cotton thread size 8 in various shades
  • Steel crochet hook size 9

I attempted to write a pattern but decided to just draw it. Here it goes:

  1. The number of chains on first row depends on desired width of bag which is in my case 75 chains and is approximately 11 inches.
  2. Change color where desired.
  3. Number of rows depends on desired height of bag
  4. Use any string and desired length for the bag string. Slip it in alternate posts on last row and tie securely on one corner at the bottom of the bag.

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