22 January 2016

Watercolor Woods

Paintings and pictures are supposed to talk on their own. However, whenever I paint the woods, it is not just my paints and my paper. It reminds me of my Dad. It is one memory that does not fade away so quickly. And that is something I am grateful about.

So many years ago when I was almost just a toddler, he took the paint brush which he seldom does. I would say seldom because life took over and decided that art does not really feed the family. He then told me that I could paint the woods. So he took some masking tapes and placed them vertically on the paper. Ever so lightly and effortlessly, he brushed some color over the paper. The woods emerged. Bewildered, I took the lesson to heart. Now, I still do.

A video would have been easier to show how it is done. Nonetheless, here are some more techniques done to complete the artwork:
  • First wash is composed of the lightest brown shade.
  • Leaves are created by flicking the wet round brush.
  • Additional shading on the tree trunks is done after the masking tapes are removed.
  • Smaller white elements are painted using white gouache where white paper is hard to recover.

Materials used:
  • 300 GSM Aquafine watercolor paper by Daler Rowney (cut into 4"X4" size)
  • Permanent white extra fine gouache by Pebeo
  • Koi watercolor field sketch kit by Sakura
  • Synthetic round brush sizes 0 and 6

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