14 October 2012

Honey, we ran out of ketchup

Another crazy miniature stories from my head.... My friend thinks I should put up a new blog for all those tiny stuff.

The ketchup bottle is empty. Barbie wanted to use it for some burgers but then she has to resort to noodles again. Good thing her aunt sent over some fresh croissant.

It took me days just to make the miniature bread from paper clay. I had to let them dry overnight and paint them. Crocheting the baskets and napkins is quite easy. The only challenge is to be patient with the skinny threads and make sure you have big enough eyes to see where the loops are.

My sis thinks my there's madness in my room after she's seen all those papers and little things I've collected. My mom thinks I'm crazy but she agreed that she would probably have done the same if not for other important things. When I was a kid, my mom made me a doll house and painted it white. I wished we finished it. We were caught up in life. Someday, hopefully we will.

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