23 September 2012

While everyone else was watching the F1 race

Apparently, I am not a big fan of car racing unless I find a very good reason to be one. While the rest of the world was watching the race, I succumbed to my comfortable mattress to finish Season 2 of The Game of Thrones. I guess that makes me a nerd though I've been one since I was a kid and only admitting it now.

The snow-covered mountains of "The North" reminded of Northern California in winter time. Reviewed some of my old photos and decided to paint. If I could just put a fairy somewhere near the trees then it would look like a fantasy scene but decided not to spoil it. My images of fairies are too complex that I'm still having a hard time laying it down on a flat paper.

Meanwhile, my dolls were waiting for me to be played with but not in a pervert manner. When I was a kid, my sister and I had those kitchen and bedroom sets where we pretend Barbie and friends would come to life. Playing with dolls is much more different now that I am adult. It's more of making miniature pieces and taking photos of them. I'm glad Barbie never had a problem posing for me. If it had been a real model, I would have already failed at initiating a conversation with her.

A few weeks ago, I printed out some miniature magazines. When I posted them in Facebook, most people thought they were life size. I'm not really in hoarding magazines though I have bought a few to serve as my references.

Barbie couldn't decide which magazine to bring along with her. She needs to meet someone at the park and thought that some reading material would do her good while waiting.

And off Barbie went. J-doll stayed at home all dressed up. She's never changed into anything else since the day she lived with Barbie. She sat on the sofa and I saw how picture perfect her stockings were. These stockings has got to go eventually. I have a casual outfit planned for her but I haven't started sewing it yet.

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