09 September 2012

Black and white Barbie weekend

My sister thinks my room is like that of a teenager's. I strongly contest. My dolls, beads, papers and pen are what define me when I'm not doing my day job. What else would I be if my job would be suddenly taken away from me?

The rain has poured madly this morning and I was left with not much light today. Good thing that there was enough sun yesterday to sew some clothes for Barbie and take photos of her. Black and white turned out to be better since there wasn't much coordination between the flooring and the wall. I would still want to share this Barbie ensemble in full color since the metals and the beads actually look good against her black bag and shorts.

I'm like a kid I know. But it was actually my mom who influenced me the most. We could sit down together and string beads while talking over crafts and dolls.

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