16 September 2012

Mails and Beaded Bracelets

Mail finally arrived and was so happy to picked them up Saturday morning. Weekend started with so much excited after opening the packages. Guess I need to have my creativity engine to keep going. So much stuff means a lot of things to do.

Meanwhile Sunday turned out to be boring after a day's merrymaking in the flat since it was my friend's birthday party. So after lunch I decided to pick up my pliers and started twisting and trimming pins for a not-so-simple bead bracelet. The materials are not expensive but this bracelet is definitely something you can wear with a dress.

The final bracelet turned out to be dominantly purple which I think is a good thing since i never had much of this color in my wardrobe. The bracelet complements the teal leather on my bag which is another plus. I like this bracelet though 'm not sure if I'm going to keep this, give it away or sell it. For now, it will be kept safely in my collection until I come to a decision.

Of course, my dear friend's birthday can't go by without me making her a piece of jewelry. I got some clay, formed a letter bead to represent her initial and concocted some sort of gold color from my paints. My friend likes two-toned jewelry so I'm glad the gold-colored bead and the brownish crystal mixed well with the rest of the pieces in the charm.

As always, I had the hardest time picking up a title for this post. Do I even have to pick up a title when I talk about my crafty weekend? My craft life is probably the only region which I can be conceited about. Well, I just thank God for giving me a hobby. :)

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