02 September 2012

Strings for Dinner

Cute chopsticks as gift from my sister. :) 
If I had been a very good cook, this bowl of strings would have been bowl of colored pasta. I'd sprinkle some olive oil and maybe have boiled beans on the side. For now, I could only imagine that. My craft life is analogous to a chef's relationship with his kitchen. I pour out beads and strings and create a concoction of my own. Dinner has gone cold after taking too many photos and deciding which is best out of the bunch. Ooops, the fake noodle was never warm. Today was just another busy craft and chores day. We've got a new bracelet "tutorial" on The Craft Bar site:

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Unknown said...

that is not a big matter that you are not a good cook, but that is important thing you are a good crafty, i can't believe that you have convert the craft's thing like pasta, but it is really a well-turned photograph, and the bracelet is looking too good. Thanks for sharing this post.

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